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Pneumatic sealing solution for Gas Struts and Dampers

2 months ago

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FPE Seals provided Alrose (British Gas Springs) with seals suitable for their pneumatic application.


Alrose have been engineering custom-made motion control solutions for their customers for many years.

They design, engineer, and manufacture a wide range of Electric Actuators, Pneumatics, Gas Springs, Dampers and Struts for the most demanding industrial applications from marine and food to aerospace, medical, architectural, and automotive.

Their British Gas Springs brand identifies them with what they are best known for, which is high quality UK produced Gas Springs and Dampers.


What was needed:

Alrose initially contacted FPE Seals through our webstore, looking for robust pneumatic piston u-rings for their permanently sealed gas struts and dampers, after their current supplier had let them down.

The solution:

A site visit to thier premises was arranged immediately.  With their seal needs quickly idenitfied, test samples were provided, offering improved lead times and most notably, significant cost savings compared with their previous suppliers.

Within a few weeks their first six month call off order was placed.


During a recent visit to Alrose, a factory employee said, "We love your seals because they are a lot easier to fit than others we have had.  It makes assembling these units a lot quicker and improves our output rates."

We at FPE Seals are delighted to hear such positive feedback direct from the factory floor.

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