The drive to deliver speedy seals

When a customer was looking for advice on the hydraulic seals needed for the design of their racing car, we were able to help.

The Problem

Ride Height Adjuster for racing car

The customer was looking for our guidance on the seals required for their design of a hydraulic ride height adjuster for a racing car.

It was important to keep the car as lightweight as possible, so when it came to selecting its parts, size and every gram mattered.

We were shown the cad drawings of the cylinder with dimensions. Due to the width of the piston, there was limited room for a suitable standard piston seal and guide ring.

The Solution

The customer had designed a single acting cylinder to operate the suspension on the racing car to raise and lower the body as required. Initially, their requirements were for bearing rings for the gland and a piston seal.

However, studying the design, our Cylinder Parts Manager raised some concerns that moisture could accumulate in the cylinder bore, when the cylinder was in the closed position. He therefore suggested converting the cylinder to a displacement application, which would best protect the cylinder bore and make better use of the space available.

With this in mind, our customer redesigned their cylinder. We then provided bespoke BRD rings designed for displacement cylinders, along with both a narrow section rod composite seal, a guide ring and wiper seal, so all could fit perfectly within the challenging space of just 20mm.

Our experienced team brings a wealth of industry knowledge & can also offer expert advice & guidance whenever needed.



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