What are Hydraulic Cylinders used for?

Hydraulic cylinders have a variety of uses and can be found in machinery and equipment across many different industries including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, earth-moving and mining, food and beverage processing and packaging, deep sea, marine, and transportation.

In general, hydraulic ram cylinders are used in applications that lift heavy loads, push, pull or rotate, or in equipment such as hydraulic presses, which use pressurised fluid to exert force on an object.


How do hydraulic cylinders work

Hydraulic cylinders use fluid from an external pump driven by a power unit.

Cylinders are designed based on the on the rule that liquids are incompressible. The result therefore being that when a force is applied at one point of a cylinder, the liquid will transfer an equal force at another point.

Most common hydraulic devices work by using a hydraulic pump, a reservoir for fluid storge to the pump. Mechanical energy is converted to hydraulic energy, moving the liquid through a system. Valves are used to regulate the flow of the liquid and control the pressure of the device. A hydraulic cylinder then converts the hydraulic energy back into mechanical energy.

They are used to lift heavy loads

Hydraulic cylinders can push, pull, and lift loads of any description. Commonly, they are used in mobile applications, such as excavators, loaders, graders, dumper trucks, backhoes or dozers, or any mobile machinery that requires a linear motion to move loads.

They are used in industrial machinery or equipment

Hydraulic cylinders are commonly found in industrial settings where large amounts of power are needed to operate machinery. This makes them ideal for use in many industrial applications such as presses, compactors, and injection moulding to name but a few.

They are used to operate machines

Many industries used hydraulics to power their machinery and equipment. For example, the food and beverage industry sources power from hydraulic cylinders to process, position and package food and drink products.

The agricultural sector extensively uses hydraulic-powered machines such as tractors, loaders, spraying equipment, skid steers, balers and harvesting equipment, to plant and harvest crops and rear livestock.

But these are just a couple of examples, hydraulics can be found across a multitude of industries, for a variety of uses from the largest of industrial equipment to the smallest of hand tools.

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