How to: Fit a Gland Seal

Watch our video which demonstrates seals being fitted to a hydraulic gland.

1. What you will need:

1 x Dirt Wiper Seal

1 x Single-Acting Gland (Rod) Seal

1 x O-Ring

1 x Contoured Back-up Ring

1 x External Moisture O-Ring

2. Fit the gland seal

First, fit the single-acting gland seal.

Manipulate the seal in your hands to warm it first. This will make it easier to first.

Nip the seal between your fingers and insert into the gland's second internal groove.

Feed the seal into the gland, working your way round with your fingers, until it fits into place.

3. Insert the Wiper Seal

Next, insert the wiper seal.

Manipulate the seal using your hands to warm it, then nip it between your fingers. Insert the wiper seal into the gland's top internal groove, working it into place.

The seal should fit neatly into place. Ensure that there is an even fit.

4. Fit the contoured back up ring

Slide the contoured back up ring in to the gland, to fit the external groove.

The ring will be able to move freely at this stage, with plenty of room for the O-Ring.

5. Fit the O-Ring

Slide the O-Ring into the gland and into the external groove alongside the back up ring.

Ensure that this fits evenly and that both rings fit snuggly in the external groove.

6. Fit the external moisture O-Ring

Slide the O-ring into the gland and into the small groove above the thread.

7. All seals have now been fitted correctly.

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