How to: Fit a 5-piece Piston Seal

Watch our video which demonstrates how to fit a 5 piece piston seal.

1. A 5 piece piston seal consists of:

2 x L-Shaped Wear Rings

2 x Anti-extrusion Rings

1 x Flexible Centre Seal

2. Fit the O-Ring

First, fit the O-Ring to the internal groove of the piston.

3. Thread the piston on to the rod

Tighten with a peg spanner.

4. Fit the centre seal

Fit the centre seal using a blunt-ended seal pick.

5. Fit the anti-extrusion rings

Fit the 2 x anti-extrusion rings to either side of the centre seal.

6. Fit the L-shaped wear rings

Fit the L-shaped wear rings either side of the anti-extrusion rings.

As the seal is compressed, it will tighten all of the parts together.


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