Food & Beverage

FPE Seals are more than experienced in providing sealing solutions for a wide variety of equipment and applications used to process and produce food and beverages


Sealing Solution for the Food & Beverage Industry

Finding the ideal sealing solution for applications used in the food and beverage industry brings its own range of challenges.

Meeting the FDA regulatory requirements is a must, along with compatibility and durability against a range of different food types and ingredients, such as sugar, fats, acids and oils.

Our team are more than experienced in providing sealing solutions for a wide variety of equipment and applications used to process and produce food and beverages, having worked closely with our customers in this industry for many years.


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Processing industries & applications

We provide sealing products for the F&B industry including but not limited to,

  • Breweries
  • Bakeries
  • Dairy
  • Liquids Production
  • Meat Processing
  • Oil & Fat Manufacturing
  • Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Ready Meal Production

Typical Applications

  • Food Depositors
  • Bottling, Canning & Capping machinery
  • Filling & Portioning systems
  • Convienence/Production lines
  • Decorating systems
  • Injection systems
  • Plant & Factory machinery (e.g. air compressors, bagging machines & refrigeration)
  • Grinding & Forming systems (e.g. patty formers, mincers & shaping systems)

We can design, manufacture or source a range of FDA approved seals and gaskets. Our expert team of problem solvers will work closely with you to meet the demands of your specific application.


Products & Services

  • Made to Order Seals
  • O Rings with appropriate CofCs & batch traceability
  • Depositor Seals
  • Ring Type Joint Seals
  • Spreader Seals
  • Disperser Seals
  • Heat Exchanger Seals
  • Rotary Seals
  • Gaskets, including Spiral Wound Gaskets, Graphite Gaskets & Standard Gasket Sheet
  • Tri Clamp Seals & Gaskets for pipe couplings (including full range of Tri-Clover Seals)
  • SMS (Swedish Manufacturing Standard) Joint Rings
  • IDF (International Dairy Federation) Joint Rings
  • PTFE Spring Energised Seals
  • DIN & D Seals
  • Encapsulated O Rings & Gaskets (including Camlock Gaskets)
  • Hygienic Seals suitable for ISO1127, ISO2852 & ISO2853 fittings
  • Metal detectable products

Products are available in a range of FDA approved materials, including but not limited to,
Blue FDA Acetal, Red & Blue FDA approved Polyurethane, EPDM, FPM/FKM (Viton), NBR, Silicone, PTFE, FFKM (Karez), PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE & UHMWPE.


Expert technical advice

Research and development (R&D) is all part of the service. We pride ourselves on offering the very best technical advice to help you solve your sealing challenges.

If an off-the-shelf product is not practical, our knowledgeable team will work closely with you to design and create the most suitable part, in the most appropriate material, providing any samples for testing.

Having our own inhouse manufacturing team means that we can be flexible in our approach and fast to respond. This provides a cost-effective way to get you exactly what you need. No minimum quantity is required per order, and we can provide non-standard profiles, with no expensive moulding charges.



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