How to: Assemble a Hydraulic Cylinder

Watch our animated video below, which shows the different components of a hydraulic cylinder and how they work.

1. The Rod

First up the rod, which has a smooth and polished surface.

2. The Gland

Next the gland, which holds the pressure seals and supports the rod when it moves.

3. The Seals

Seals are fitted to the gland to stop leakages and external contamination.

4. The gland is fitted to the rod

5. The piston is then fitted to the end of the rod

6. A locking nut is used to to hold the piston in place

7. Piston seals are fitted to the piston to create a seal against the cylinder wall

8. Position the end cap and port for welding onto the cylinder

9. The fully assembled rod is then inserted into the cylinder.

With assembly complete, the hydraulic cylinder is then ready for use.


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