Why You Should Consider a Machined Seal?

When it comes to selecting the right seal for hydraulic ram repair, it’s not always a case of one size fits all.

With so many different types of hydraulic cylinders out there, being used on all different kinds of machines for a multitude of functions, identifying the problem and deciding on the appropriate steps to fix it, is just the start.

Sometimes it can be as easy (if repair work can be called easy!), as locating and ordering the correct repair or rebuild kits for the job. Ready-made seal kits or cylinders parts can be ordered and delivered by a trusted supplier, and in a lot of cases work can begin.

But what happens when metal work alterations to the cylinder, have made selecting something off the shelf a bit tricky? Or you’re faced with work being delayed, due to a long delivery time on standard parts? This is where a machined seal can help.

Benefits of a Machined Seal

A machined seal, is a bespoke seal, manufactured on a computerised seal production lathe. Depending on the lathe’s capabilities, virtually any kind of seal, for just about any application, can be produced.

The beauty of a machined seal is that you get exactly what you are looking for, quickly. It doesn’t matter on type of seal that you need either. Wiper, gland (rod), piston and rotary seals, as well as guide rings, back up rings and gaskets, can all be produced.

At FPE Seals, we have six manufacturing machines, that are capable of diameters of 4mm to 595mm and lengths of between 15mm to 39mm. One of which, has the additional tooling capability to include slots, drilled holes and milled profiles.

We can design and create just about any seal profile, in a full range of materials and will help advise on the best seal and material for the job in hand. No minimum quantity is required to place an order and we guarantee a quick dispatch, including a next day delivery service in the UK.

If you think we can help, contact one of our skilled advisors today.

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