Measure a Hydraulic Cylinder

When it comes to replacing hydraulic cylinders, accurate measurement and sizing are crucial to prevent issues that may arise during the replacement process. In this guide, we will explore what needs to be measured in your cylinder components and how to measure them correctly using simple tools.

Key Measurements for Hydraulic Cylinders

To measure hydraulic cylinder components accurately, You will need to focus on key measurements and use tools such as a tape measure and vernier callipers.

Primary Components for Hydraulic Cylinder Measurement

  • Retracted hydraulic cylinder length: When the cylinder is full retracted, (Closed Centres) measure from the centre of the rod pin to centre of the cylinder pin.
  • Extended hydraulic cylinder length: When the cylinder is fully extended, (Open Centres) measure from the centre of the rod pin to centre of the cylinder pin.
  • Stroke length: Measure the extended length of the hydraulic cylinder minus the retracted length.
  • Bore diameter: Measure the outside diameter of the cylinder and subtract the wall thickness of the tubing. Standard bore sizes range from 25mm to 125mm bore diameters.
  • Rod diameter: This measurement is mainly done with callipers.
  • Cylinder pin size
  • Rod mount pin size
  • Base and rod mount dimensions
  • Determine port size and style.

It is important to understand which type of hydraulic cylinder you are replacing, whether it is Single acting, Double acting or Displacement, to ensure an accurate cylinder replacement.

How to measure hydraulic cylinder

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