U-Ring Seals

U-Rings, also known as Symmetrical Seals due to their u-shaped profile, are multi-purpose seals, suitable for either hydraulic or pneumatic rods or pistons. We provide a wide range of U-Seals, suitable for many applications. If you require a bespoke item or if you cannot find what you are looking for on our web store please contact us and we’ll be happy to source and supply to meet your requirements.


Fabric U Ring - Piston Working
Fabric U Ring - Symmetrical
Fabric U Ring with External Extrusion Ring
U Ring - Piston Working - TDA Type
U Ring - Piston Working - TDMA Type
U Ring - Polyurethane - Energised
U Ring - Polyurethane - Piston Working
U Ring - Polyurethane - Symmetrical
U Ring - Polyurethane with Clip On Wear Ring
U Ring - Polyurethane with External Extrusion Ring
U Ring - Rubber - External Extrusion Ring
U Ring - Rubber - Piston Working
U Ring - Rubber - Symmetrical
U Ring - Viton - Piston Working
U Ring - Viton - Symmetrical


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