What is a Piston Seal?

Piston Seals essentially provide a seal between a piston and cylinder bore.

The seal prevents leakage of hydraulic fluid or air, sealing dynamic pressure from one or both sides of a ram, to allow the cylinder to extend and retract.

Piston Seals are dynamic by nature and come in a range of different styles, sizes, and materials. The type of seal needed will be dependent on the design of the cylinder, the application, the medium used, and its operating conditions.

Single-acting Piston Seals contain the pressure and prevent leakage on one side of the piston only. Therefore, the seal moves the piston along the cylinder in a single action.

Double-acting Piston Seals contain the pressure and prevent leakage from both sides of the piston. This drives the hydraulic or pneumatic ram both in and out, or stops it in a controlled position. Typically, double-acting seals have a symmetrical profile, with identical sealing functions on both sides.

Back up rings and guide rings are also commonly used alongside piston seals, to reinforce the seal and ensure that it stays in the correct position.

If you require any further advice on selecting the right Piston Seal for you, our knowledgeable team would be happy to help.

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