Custom-made seals for hyperbaric testing equipment


Hyperbaric and pressure testing chambers are essential in ensuring the reliability of products working under subsea conditions or high-pressure situations.

Products are placed in the chambers, before water is injected and then pressured using pumps. By simulating high pressure environments, the products are tested to determine that they can function properly and operate safely in ‘real-life’ circumstances.

The chambers operate using cylinder and valve systems, all of which require sealing, and this is where FPE Seals can help.

Tyne Pressure Testing are a specialist hyperbaric testing, certification and subsea research facility based in the North East of England, that regularly use FPE Seals for their specific sealing needs.


Tyne Pressure Testing have nine hyperbaric vessels of varying capabilities, including one of the largest testing chambers in Europe, with an internal diameter of 2.5m and the ability to test to 450 bar.

Polymeric seals used within the equipment, ranging from 25mm to 1m diameter, are fundamental to ensuring that all runs smoothly. And so, the chambers undergo regular maintenance including seal replacement.


The Solution

When seals are needed, Tyne Pressure Testing contact the trusted team at FPE Seals with their specific requirements. Our expert technical team then use the measurements given to design and manufacture the right seal for the job, considering the specific requirements for that application.

The seals are manufactured by our inhouse machined seal team and dispatched in time to meet with our customer’s strict deadlines, ready for testing to take place.

Since using FPE Seals, Tyne Pressure Testing have been happy with the service and products provided and know who to call whenever they need a robust seal designed, created and dispatched quickly.

Our knowledgeable team are always here to help offer their expertise or advice on any hydraulic or machinery problems, get in touch if you think that we can help you.



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