What are hydraulic hand pumps used for?

Hydraulic hand pumps are commonly used to load and test machinery components, as well as in handling machinery for raising and lowering heavy objects. By operating the hand lever, users can create pressure, enabling the lifting, pushing, or bending of heavy objects with ease.  

Types of Hydraulic Handpumps

There are two types of hydraulic hand pumps:

Single Acting Hand PumpsDouble Acting Hand Pumps
Supplies a single flow in a dual-action hand pump.Supplies a single flow in a dual action hand pump, fitted with an additional lever to divert the flow.
Simple in design and easier to maintain.More complicated to maintain and repair
Commonly used in hydraulic jacks.Used in a wider range of applications, including aircraft hydraulic systems.
More strokes are needed to generate the pressure and movementLess strokes are needed to generate the pressure compared to single acting hand pump
Slower in operation.Preferred for speed and efficiency

Applications of Hydraulic Handpumps

Hydraulic Systems Testing: Hydraulic hand pumps are frequently employed to test and troubleshoot hydraulic systems. They enable manual pressurisation of the system, facilitating leak detection and evaluation of overall system performance.

Hydraulic Jacks: Used to operate hydraulic jacks, which are widely employed for lifting heavy loads or vehicles. By operating the hand pump, hydraulic pressure is generated, causing the jack to extend and elevate the load.

Hydraulic Tools: Provide the necessary pressure to operate hydraulic tools, including crimpers, cutters, and presses. These tools find applications in sectors such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing, where manual operation is required.

Agricultural Machinery: Powers hydraulic systems in agricultural machinery such as tractors & loaders. They enable manual operation of hydraulic functions, including lifting and tilting attachments or adjusting hydraulic system pressure.

Laboratory and Testing Equipment: Used in laboratories and testing facilities for various purposes, such as calibrating pressure gauges, testing pressure sensors, and conducting experiments requiring controlled hydraulic pressure.

Marine and Offshore Applications: Utilised in marine and offshore environments for tasks such as operating hydraulic steering systems, lifting heavy equipment, or controlling hydraulic winches and cranes.

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