What are couplings used for?

The word “coupling” can be used to describe a range of different components in the field of engineering.

There are mechanical couplings as found on drive shafts connecting two units together, as well as threaded couplings, to name but a few. In this blog we discuss Hydraulic Couplings used in the fluid power sector.

There are many different types of Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings available on the market today. Selecting the best coupling for a particular application is extremely important.

Selecting the right coupling for your application

There are many things you will need to consider that centre around the operating conditions it will be exposed to, such as:

• Flow rate of the equipment being used
• Flow rate of the hydraulic power unit
• Working environment e.g. Construction, Agricultural, Marine
• Ease of connection under pressure
• Cost

    FPE Seals offers a range of couplings:

    Flat Face Couplings: These couplings allow for minimal inclusion of contaminants during connection and prevent fluid loss and come with a unique locking method. Typical applications include excavator hammer circuits, hydraulic hand tools and breakers, mobile equipment, general industrial, mining, and agricultural.

    Flat Face Coupling
    Find the right size flat face coupling

    Quick Release Couplings: Various quick release couplings are commonly used in fuel systems, cooling, test rigs, air tools, and agriculture.

    ISO A Poppet valves have balanced springs and a locking ball system that allows quick connection, by pulling back the locking ring, Traditionally, a very versatile coupling, used in lots of equipment, these are now becoming more outdated, and in some cases, flat faced couplings may be a better option.

    Quick Release Couplings
    Find the right size Quick Release coupling

    FPE Seals stocks and manufactures a full range of sealing solutions and metal parts for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

    Our knowledgeable and experienced Cylinder Parts team can offer advice to help you select the most appropriate component to suit your application.



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