Cutting it

We were recently able to advise and supply our long-standing customer Deltax with the hydraulic cylinders needed to manufacture a specialised shear machine.

Deltax, based in Southampton, design, manufacture and supply shear equipment and machinery used within the scrap recycling, demolition and construction industries.

One of their customers required a machine manufacturing, to aid the demolition of a nuclear plant in Sweden. The machine needed to shear long contaminated steel rods into small billet lengths, to fit along with other contaminated waste, within sealed concrete crates that will be buried deep underground. Once all work is complete, the shear itself will also be placed into a crate and buried, to ensure that all contamination is concealed.

To help with the construction of the shear, FPE Seals supplied Deltax with ready to use hydraulic cylinders, made from our seals and components. Having the parts already in stock meant that we could be quick to respond and avoid any delays to the project.

Deltax General Manager Peter Snow said, “We have a good working relationship with FPE Seals and are pleased with the prompt and reliable service they provide”.



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