How Seals Are Made

Watch our video and learn more about how we can manufacture seals to your exact requirements using the latest technology.

1. Consultation

Contact one of experienced team to discuss your requirements.

2. Seal design

Your individual seal profile will be designed based on the ideal dimensions and appropriate materials for the application and operating conditions.

At FPE Seals we have machines capable of diameters of 4mm to 595mm and lengths of between 15mm to 39mm. Some of which have additional tooling capability to include slots, drilled holes and milled profiles.

3. Production

Once your profile has been programmed into the system, the seal is manufactured within minutes, using a state-of-the-art computerised seal production lathe machine.

4. Ready for delivery

The seals are then prepared for delivery and sent to out as quickly as possible to meet with your timescales.

No minimum quantity is required to place an order with us, we can can produce a one-off seal to order quantities in the 1000s.


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