How to: Fit OP Seals to a Cushioning Gland

Watch our demonstration of how to fit an OP seal to a cushioning gland.

1. You will need

2 x OP Seals

2. Fit the thicker OP Seal

First, identify the wider groove in the cushioning gland.

Place the thicker of the two seals around the gland and using a blunt-ended pick, work the seal around the gland, until the seal fits in the second external groove of the gland.

Carefully, walk the pick around the seal to ensure that there are no twists.

3. Fit the second seal

Take the second OP seal and follow the same guidance to place it in the first groove.

Ensure that there are no twists in the seal.

4. Fitting complete

The first seal stops the oil from leaking up the threads.

The second seal prevents oil from passing externally over the top of the gland, thereby activating the cushioning system.


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