Critical components for compressor


We recently supplied the critical components needed for T-Services (NE) Ltd to fix machinery supporting a company that is manufacturing PPE masks for the NHS.

T-Services (NE) Ltd originally required phosphor bushes to repair the cylinders on a compactor for their customer, a company that manufacture masks for the NHS.

We advised that hardened steel bushes would be a better product for the job and quickly supplied the parts needed to repair and replace the cylinders for compactor that is used daily by their customer, to help keep front line services moving.

T-Services (NE) Ltd carry out machine repairs and general maintenance for all equipment relating to the waste and recycling industry such as compactors, balers, conveyors, shredders and has a broad customer base that supports key services.

Maintenance and repair support services are helping a wide range of industries during the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure that ‘essential services’ continue to function and the machinery and applications they use remain operational.

We are proud to have been able to play a part, albeit a small one, as a vital link to the support chain during these challenging times.


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