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3 years ago

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Our Cylinder Parts team have been supporting Agricultural Machinery and Sales Ltd with their trailer building business.

Complete cylinder for a Hook Loader trailer

Most recently, we have been working together with them to help advise on the parts needed to develop a complete cylinder for a Hook Loader trailer, as a well the drawbar on a Wing Box Loader, which allows crops to be carefully sorted and packaged.

Agricultural machinery - hook loader trailer
Agricultural Machinery and Sales Ltd

When it comes to agricultural machinery, our experienced team bring a wealth of knowledge and can offer expert advice and guidance whenever needed to help with cylinder design.

We supply a wide range of self-build hydraulic cylinder components suitable for all agricultural applications, manufactured to the highest quality and designed to fit together with the greatest of ease. 

If you can’t find what you need off-the-shelf, we can help with advising and sourcing what you need.

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