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Winging It

2 years ago

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It’s not every day that you help a dragon fly, but we were recently involved in supplying the parts that did just that.

The mechanical, life-sized, fire-breathing dragon in question, is currently making its spectacular appearance in one of 11Arches Park’s epic outdoor live shows, being held this month and next in Durham.

The dragon features in the new daytime show ‘Fina and the Golden Cape’, which is then followed by the long-running Kynren performance in the evening.

FPE's Cylinder Parts Manager was contacted by the company building the dragon and was asked for his advice on the parts needed for the six hydraulic cylinders that power the dragon’s wings. 

We were then able to quickly supply everything the customer needed, so that the dragon could get on with his busy schedule of terrorising local villagers.

FPE Seals fix wings for dragon

When it comes to cylinder design and sourcing and supplying the right parts, our team have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to help.

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