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FPE Seals is a leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic, hygienic, rotary and other seals, with more than 35,000 items in our purpose-built 3,100 m2 warehouse. We offer a full range of sealing products in metric or imperial sizes, including various types of piston, rod, wiper seals and guide rings for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in standard materials.

Our sales teams are also able to provide more specialised materials depending on the required application. High pressure, extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals and standards legislation all affect the type of seal and the materials required.

We also supply ready-to-use and custom seals for single or double acting cylinders.

FPE Seals is a leading supplier of custom sealing products. Our expert seal design service is tailor-made to meet any specialist need.

All materials used in the sealing products we manufacture and supply, comply with current legislation and the highest global standards.

FPE Seals has almost four decades of technical knowledge and experience in supplying and manufacturing hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals and related products.

Hydraulic and pneumatic seals

Piston Seals - Designed to seal between the piston and cylinder, sealing dynamic pressure from both sides (double acting) allowing the cylinder to extend and retract. We supply a range of piston seals, piston rings and cup seals. Single acting piston seals are also available.

Rod seals - also known as U-collars or head seals are designed to seal between the rod and stuffing box. They are generally single acting (they seal pressure from one side), although there are a few examples of double-acting rod seals.

Wiper (scraper) seals - are primarily designed to keep contaminants out of a hydraulic system by cleaning the rod with each cycle.

Static seals - are designed to create a seal between two non-dynamic surfaces. The available range includes o-rings and back-up rings, flange seals, bonded rings and OP seals.

Guide rings - are designed to prevent contact between two dynamic surfaces and thus prevent wear. Our guide range includes retaining rings and metal bushings.

Can't find what you are looking for? Our expert teams can find hard-to-find items or custom produce a full range of seals and hydraulic cylinder parts in metric or imperial to meet the needs of each customer. Please contact us.

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