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Tamper-proofing hydraulic manifold blocks

2 months ago

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FPE Seals customers, such as Axiom Evolution are finding tamper detection marker Viz-Torque a useful product for repair and refurbishment work.


Viz-Torque is a tamper inspection paste, which can applied across completed fittings, assemblies, nuts, bots and studs to show whether a part has been moved from its original position.

Once applied and dried in place, the paste is resistant to environment elements but brittle enough to break in case of tampering.


Axiom Evolution Ltd, based in Somerset use Viz-Torque when repairing and refurbishing grab ram manifold blocks. They find that it is a useful visual aid when ensuring all fittings are in place, once all work has been done and provides their customers with that added warranty when the blocks are sent back to them.

Kelvin at Axiom added, “I’d highly recommend Viz-Torque because of its durability, range of colours and clear visibility.”.

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