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Sealing solution for corking machine at bottling plant

1 year ago

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Case Study: Solution for corking machine at a bottling plant.

What was needed:

Our customer operates a bottling plant and was having to fulfil an order that required a different sized cork outside of the standard capabilities of their existing equipment.

Bottling machine

They were considering their options, which included having to buy an expensive metal part that could be refitted to the existing machine, that would accommodate the cork size.

The Solution:

One of our expert technicians visited the customer to see the corking machine, to consider all possible solutions.  He then advised the customer that we could design and create a bespoke silicone insert, that could be fitted to the existing machine to accommodate the non-standard sized corks.

The metal work of the machine was then measured up for sizing, and along with the size of the cork, we were able to design and manufacture inhouse, a sample insert for testing.

The part was created in FDA approved silicone, which was a similar material to the other seals used in the machine.

The insert was a success, and the sample we provided worked first time.  The customer was extremely happy with the service and solution, which saved them the cost and downtime of an expensive part replacement.

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