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NEW PRODUCT: Bearing Ring Displacement

7 months ago

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FPE Seals have designed a unique product that can easily convert a single-acting or double-acting ram cylinder into a displacement cylinder, without the need for any machining work.

The Bearing Ring Displacement (BRD) product is a bearing/guide ring capable of fitting on to an existing piston assembly.

Simply remove the old piston seal on a single-acting or double-acting cylinder and snap the new BRD into place on the piston to create a displacement cylinder.

BRDs fitted onto existing pistons
BRDs fitted onto existing pistons

The new product design was the result of the expertise of the FPE Seals Cylinder Parts team, who were contacted by a customer looking for a solution to help solve an existing problem.

Customer pistons - case study
The existing equipment

The Problem

The customer required nine double acting cylinders, that were each to be connected in tandem to a single-acting slave cylinder, that had no ports or pipework but purely acted as an additional support when lifting some heavy pumps on and off their drive units for maintenance.

The Solution

Something was needed to be capable of moving up and down in the slave cylinder, without causing any additional friction or load on the double acting cylinder.

Both cylinders stood parallel to one another and were mounted on the base together, as well as being mounted together by the chromed rods (see photo).

Working closely with the customer FPE Seals Cylinder Parts Manager developed the design of the BRD, which were then manufactured by our inhouse machined seals team.

The BRDs were specially designed to replace the piston seal on the slave cylinder and are manufactured with radial grooves, that assist in the descent of the piston when working in hydraulic oil, this prevents hydraulic lock off when passing over the port.

The BRDs are manufactured from glass filled Acetal / Polyacetal, a material that is extremely hard working and durable, and offers very low friction, allowing them to work in either dry or oil filled environments.

Bearing Ring Displacement

The customer was extremely happy with the quality and efficiency of this product, and the cylinders now in use are operating very well.


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