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Helping to steer a cylinder redesign

2 years ago

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We recently helped to redesign a hydraulic cylinder for a fishing boat.

The original cylinder, that operates the rudder that steers the boat, was completely worn out and a complex design. Our Cylinder Parts Manager Tim Bone and the team worked in partnership with a hydraulics repair company to redesign a new cylinder for the customer. FPE Seals supplied all the individual parts needed for the company to then assemble the cylinder.

The customer was really pleased with the end result, which now steers the boat with agile precision, exclaiming, “I can now turn it on a sixpence!”.

Hydraulic cylinder redesign
Hydraulic cylinder for fishing boat
cylinder for boat rudder

If you require any advice on cylinder design and the help finding the right parts, the team of experts at FPE Seals can help you to find the right solution.


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