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Blue acetal wear rings for food depositor

1 year ago

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Case Study: Blue Acetal Wear Rings for Food Depositor.

What was needed:

Our customer was looking to replace all of the white wear rings used in their food depositor to blue.

This was to follow FDA best practice, using a non-typical food colour for the seals, makes spotting any potential contamination easier to detect.

The Solution:

FDA Blue Acetal Wear Rings
FDA Blue Acetal Wear Rings

The team were provided with a sample of the existing white rings, along with the sizes of the metal work, so that we could design and recreate the wear rings.

Based on the medium and operating conditions of the depositors, we advised the customer that blue acetal would be the best material to produce the replacement seals in.

Acetal is a food safe product and popularly used in the food industry due to its ability to withstand both low and high temperature, low water absorption and resistance to wear.

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