The Best UK County for Locally Brewed Beverages

Posted on 17th June 2022

Being a company which provides essential parts for brewery equipment, we have conducted our own study to calculate the best county in England for custodians to enjoy a locally brewed beverage.

Breweries hop spots

The research calculates the density of breweries and pubs compared to the size of each county where they are located. With a final score out of 100, the index identifies the hop hotspots of England.

1) LONDON - The capital city takes the crown for the hop hotspot in England, so you’re certain to find a refreshing locally brewed beverage here

2) NORTH WEST - Standing second on the podium is the North West , so sit back and enjoy a cool glass of beer – perhaps Shutter Ale made locally at the Three B’s Brewery will go down a treat.

3) NORTH EAST - Earning a bronze medal in the North East, where you’ll be able to kick back with a cold-brewed beverage this summer.

How did we calculate our Hop Spot index?

We discovered the hop hotspots in England by calculating the number of open breweries and pubs in counties across the nation per 100km2 to determine the final scores

Based on the final scores, We have ranked the top 10  counties across the UK for the hop hotspots to quench your thirst with a cool brewed drink

Number of breweries in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2012 to 2022

Research discovered the growth of breweries in the UK over a 10-year period from 2012 to 2022, and it’s clear that we needn’t worry about a national shortage of beer anytime soon.


In order to gather insightful data for determining the UK’s hop spots, the following sources were used:

1. Pubs in England: Pubs Galore
3. Number of breweries 2012-2020 UK | Statista

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