Stationary Seals

FPE Seals offer a range of Stationary Mechanical Seals.

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Boot-Mounted Stationary Mechanical Seals

Designed to fit and suit a variety of international housing and working length standards. Optimum cost and performance benefits where the ribbed profile and increased elastomer to housing contact is preferred.


Short O-Ring Mounted Stationary Mechanical Seals

Designed without anti-rotation provision to suit common European housing sizes including DIN. Typically specified for Conical Spring Seals on general duties. Also available in long-style with anti-rotation pin slot.


Long O-Ring Mounted Stationary Mechanical Seals

Designed with anti-rotation pin slot to suit DIN housing sizes. Recommended for larger shaft sizes and or viscous media. Also available in short-style without anti-rotations provision.


Central O-Ring Mounted Stationary Mechanical Seals

Short fitting length with anti-rotation pin slot feature on rear face. Designed to suit common European housings (Type 21) or common American housing (Type 31) dimensions.


PTFE Mounted Stationary Mechanical Seals

Exceptional chemically resistant and low friction PTFE Mounted Stationary Mechanical seal to suit common American housing sizes. Designed with anti-rotation pin slot due to the low friction nature of PTFE.


Clamp Rings Stationary Mechanical Seals

Stainless steel grub-screwed locking collars, primarily untilised for setting the working length.


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