Seals Profile Catalogue

Download our Seals Profile Catalogue, a guide to help you identify the seal profile and part number you need

Machined Seals Profiles

List of seal profiles that can be manufactured by FPE Seals

Cylinder Parts Catalogue

FPE Seals Cylinder Parts Catalogue

Food & Beverage Seals

Seals for the Food & Beverage Processing & Production industry


FPE Seals MAXI Kit range include bumper-sized O-Ring Kits ideal for routine service and repair work. Click to view our catalogue.

Adhesives & Sealants

Download Vibra-Tite Adhesives & Sealants catalogue

Master Seal Product Range

FPE Seals Individual Seal Product Range Catalogue

Mechanical Seal Catalogue

FPE Seals Mechanical Seal Product Range Catalogue


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