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Gaskets & Jointing

We stock, supply and manufacture a range of engineered plastic parts including Gaskets, Ring Type Joints, Spiral Wound Gaskets, and Graphoil Seals.

When asking for a quote please supply the necessary dimensions as well as the quantity and material you require or contact our expert team to discuss your specific requirements.


Cut Gaskets

  • Premium Non-Asbestos
  • Premium Grade CNAF and Premium Graphite Laminate.
  • Tanged Reinforced Graphite available in standards sizes, IBC Type.



Tanged Reinforced Graphite


Ring Type Joints

Metallic ring joint gaskets are heavy duty, high-pressure gaskets largely used in offshore petrochemical applications. They are precision-engineered components designed to be used in conjunction with precision-machined grooved flanges.

  • Standard sizes in Oval and Octagonal Sections Carbon Steel and 316L available.
  • Ring type joints are also available in both RX and BX sizes.

ANSI Spiral Wound Gaskets

  • Maxiflex Spiral Wound Element with solid inner and outer ring.
  • Standard CRIR configuration available with Carbon Steel or 316 outer guide rings.

316L-316L / G- 316L
Outer Ring: 316L
Windings 316L/Graphite Inner Ring: 316L


CS-316L / G-316L
Outer Ring: Carbon Steel
Windings: 316L/Graphite Inner Ring: 316L

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